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Binding to the Caspase Allosteric Site
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Exploring Biology with Protein Engineering and Site-Directed Chemistry

The Wells Lab is interested in designing proteins and small molecules that trigger cellular processes, in order to better understand and treat cancer and inflammation. Our research spans the multiple disciplines of chemical biology, biophysics, cell biology, molecular biology, enzymology, and proteomics. Our passion is to identify, activate, and inhibit critical signaling nodes to better understand how these drive responses such as cell death and differentiation.

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Recombinant Antibody Symposium at UCSF, October 17th 2016
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This symposium, organized by the Antibody Technology Research Center (ATRC) at UCSF, brings together scientists developing technologies to generate recombinant antibodies to medically-relevant and technically-challenging targets. Exciting results on phage library design, use of antibodies for structure determination, and antibodies targeting post-translational modifications will be presented. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore collaborative relationships with the ATRC.

Workshop: Phage and Yeast Libraries and their Screening at UCSF, October 18th 2016
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This workshop will present practical aspects of phage and yeast display technologies and the use of libraries for antigen screening. Instructor: James D. Marks, MD., Ph.D. Topics:
- Phage display and construction of phage-displayed peptide, scFv and Fab libraries
- Yeast display and construction of yeast-displayed scFv and Fab libraries
- Selection and screening technologies that are compatible with phage and yeast-display libraries

Workshop: Antibody expression and characterization at UCSF, October 18th 2016
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In this workshop, you will learn how to express, purify and characterize various antibody constructs (FAB, IgG) starting with cell lines. You will also learn how to characterize antibodies. Workshop includes a tour of the automation laboratory for high throughput antibody discovery and characterization.
Presenters: Charles Craik, Eunice Yu Zhou, Natalia Sevillano, Karolina Wypisniak and Michael Hornsby